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The farm has remained in the same family and has gone thru many transitions. From living off the land, dairy farming, growing and marketing organic produce, a Bed & Breakfast and now a grower and wholesale/retail marketer of a variety of ornamental pussy willows.
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Japanese fantails, curly willows, black catkins willows and giants are what we primarily grow for sale, either natural in bundles or designed, decorated or undecorated wreaths, loops, hearts, sculptures etc.

We are currently developing our website. So if you have questions or would like to speak to
us about placing an order, please feel free to give us a call or write us an email.

Spring Farm Botanicals is located approximately 15 miles East of Williamsport, PA. -
Two miles off Route 180 on Route 220 between Pennsdale and Hughesville.

Spring Farm Botanicals
2394 Highway 220 • Pennsdale, PA 17756
570-546-8347 • springfarmwillows@hotmail.comwww.springfarmwillows.com

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